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Welcome to World Gaming Technology SRL. We have combined a stellar team with vast experience in various fields such as Management, Investments, Finances, Cryptocurrencies, etc.

Our teams’ diverse backgrounds, and combined years of experience, allows us to present to you a very robust platform.

What is WGT?

World Gaming Technology is a gaming platform that consists of several types of online games. The first game that WGT offers will be Coinlotto, and the additional games will be launched in separate phases.

Security is important to us, so for that reason, we will have an Audit Company on site which oversees the games, veries and confirms all jackpots and winners.

Everyone can participate in our games¹. Simply register for a free account online and start playing your favorite games.

Read our Terms of Services and visit our Support page for further questions.

Check your countries, cities or states laws and regulations.

More About

Our Process


We have developed Coinlotto, which is our first achievement designed for everyone to enjoy. We are currently in the process of designing and developing many other games such as Casinos, Poker, Bingo and much more!


One of our business motto is that all games and products must be developed in house. In short, this means that we run all engines, codings, and all backend related projects ourselves.


All our games products are and will be thoroughly tested. Once tested, games can be deployed by our technology team!

token distribution


total supply
in billions


circulating supply
in billions


cold storage
in billions


company milestones in millions

token distribution is live

World Gaming Technology has minted 10 Billion tokens for this project. WGT will start with a 6 billion circulating supply. The remaining 4 billion will be placed in cold storage.

reward process

create a node
metamask wallet

WGT node

How WGT node works


Create node and deposit tokens in to your metamask.


Buy 25000 WGT tokens or more using ETH.


Connect your metamask to node and activate for node rewards.

WGT Tokens

Total 10billion WGT tokens and circulating supply of 6 billion.


All notifications regarding token supply, token price, and announcements.


The remaining 4 billion will be placed in cold storage. WGT will release a minimum of 500 million tokens at a time each time a milestone is met

Activation and Deactivation

Users are required to activate their nodes minimum 7 times per month.

Email communication

Each user will receive an email remainder when the timer runs out and node deactivated.

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